Giving Back

At NoCo BBQ giving back is central to our life and business philosophy. Several years ago we were blessed with a daughter and quickly learned she had hearing loss in both ears. After weeks of figuring out what that meant, we still were not able to quantify what mild loss meant. We’re slightly older parents and jumped at the opportunity to partner with our local school district and Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind in Colorado Springs.

Author's photo of CSDB campus in 2018

Our family has an amazing team based out of the CSDB and we love learning and using American Sign Language. We’re fortunate to be so lovingly accepted into the deaf community. CSDB is a state-supported agency and we cannot find a simple way to for us or you to donate.

We’ve also found a fantastic group of toddler educators at the Rocky Mountain Deaf School. Our friends there work on grants to help dozens of parents and children learn ASL, interact with other deaf and hearing children while promoting early childhood literacy. They and CSDB both have an amazing YouTube channel that you can use to start learning ASL.

RMDS does have a simple donation tool, right through PayPal and you can find at their site,

NoCoBBQ commits to donating 15 percent of revenues to the Laurent Clerc Educational Fund of Colorado for RMDS. We hope you will support them and us!

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