I decided to become a direct pepper importer.

The information superhighway (it was dumb sounding in the 90s too) is my new silk road.

We’re at that point in our lives where natural food is important to us. So is flavor. And local, organic, sustainable pepper farmers from the oldest exporting region in the world is our new supplier. The Malabar Coast of India via WikipediaThe Malabar Coast of India is the origin of the oldest spice trading routes in the world, exporting their fantastic flavors for more than 2000 years. After doing a fair amount of sleuthing and chasing what seemed to be a million leads of guys that wanted to ship me a minimum of 20 tonnes of pepper, I found a collective of farmers who run their own business, grow amazing organic peppercorns and willingly ship kilograms in place of tonnes. And then came another tidbit of amazing information. They have a tiny little jalapeno like pepper that grows wild on their farm and they wanted to know if I would be interested in getting some of them as well. SERIOUSLY!?!

Malabar Peppers imported by NoCoBBQOf course, I took them up on the offer. These amazing peppers are in the raw form there on the left. English does not even have the words to describe the aroma of the little jalapeno-like peppers (side note, I should probably find out if they have a name).  I’ll take a stab at a description and then put them up on the site for sale in both a rub and in the raw. When I first opened the bag an organically sweet, but not sugary smell wafted out. With a little deeper inhale a piquant and distinct pepper smell hit me, it was at once familiar, but like nothing I have smelled before. The ancient earth seemed to exist in the air around these little dudes. As I said, we don’t have the right words to describe these peppers. The peppercorns are not far from the colorful peppers either. They have the same earthy, organic aroma, and texture unlike any peppercorn I have seen for sale in any spice shop, grocer, or online retailer.

I’ll offer these peppercorns and peppers to you all very shortly. Stay tuned to our Instagram and Facebook accounts for the announcement. But, if you truly want to be the first to know when these amazing peppers go up for sale, sign up for our mailing list at the bottom of this page. And, lastly, if you want to know more about the ancient spice trade or the Malabar region, check out Wikipedia

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