Mother's Day Remembered

Remember Your Mom 

It's Mother's Day weekend. Please, don't give her spices, at least not raw ones. If you've cooked and prepared a delicious meal or dessert, then, by all means, give her some spices. But, raw spices are right up there with a new iron or something. Just. Don't. Do. It. 

This will be the first Mother's Day without mine and while it's okay it is also weird. I still talk to Mom just use fewer minutes to do that. Don't worry it's not too soon. Seriously, though, I came across a cool article a while back from NPR All Things Considered. Basically, thermodynamics. Matter is not destroyed only transitioned, so the lost person's energy is still around. You can talk and put it out there for them. Maybe that was the idea behind talking to ancestors in the tribes across the world way back when? At any rate, read the article, especially if your Mom is not around this year. If she is around, call her, don't text, and send the flowers, or a plant, or make her a meal. She'll love it. 

Happy Mother's Day, Mom. 

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  • Robyn L Casias

    Definitely send the flowers. As I watched the boquet of carnations that I purchased yesterday being arranged, I thought to myself with tears in my eyes; “I’m so sorry Mom, I should’ve sent these to you when you were alive.” Nevertheless, I made sure they were perfectly arranged in a beautiful vase; and placed them right next to her ashes. Please… Go buy the flowers.

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