No! Sugar Sugar

We’ve done some market research across a bunch of people who enjoy gourmet spices. Really, what we learned was purity and cleanliness matter. Purity in the sense that no one wants a bunch of fillers and preservatives added to their spices. Cleanliness matters because people actually prefer flavor over just sweet or salty. A lot of barbecue rubs use salt and sugar as fillers, really, I think, to feed the American addiction to those two ingredients. Don't get me wrong, I love sugar and I love salt. However, I do not want them as the first and second ingredients in the barbecue rubs I'm going to use.

One of the other major complaints that people had was preservatives that you need a chemistry degree to understand. Our spices are very simple: no preservatives, no degree required. In fact, if you buy the seasoning kit you control exactly what goes into every one of your own smokey rubs.

Our number one best-selling and favorite rub, Mind Blown, has no sugar; there's a little bit of salt, but no sugar. You won't notice because it is full of flavor. The comments back to me say things like “this is really flavorful,” “I really enjoyed this,”  and “super good”. Regardless of where you're buying spices, look at the ingredients see what the number ones and number twos are; if they are sugar or salt maybe think again because you’re gonna miss real flavor.

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