Smoked Salt y Chipotle

After some small market testing and slightly larger survey results, we're releasing a limited amount of our craft smoked Mediterranean Sea Salt in Chipotle Adobo. Look for it starting Tuesday, April 30th. 

Sea salt in Chipotle Adobo

This salt captures the ancient mesoamerican flavor of the smokey chipotle mixed with a hint of adobo. The chipotle pepper adds a faint earthy aroma to the already perfectly smoked salt for a surreal, ancient flavor combo.

The chipotle pepper, in case you didn't know, and why would you, is a jalapeño that has vine ripened before undergoing a smoke session. The smoke is a preservation technique developed by the Aztecs to keep the chilis from rotting. I suspect they also used mesquite for the smoke sessions and probably had some bad ass barbecues too. The  Austin Chronicle has a pretty good story on the history of the Chipotle. 

Love you guys


Nate @ NoCoBBQ

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